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Organizational communication and change management:
From 1996 to 2017, Teresa led communication strategy and tactics for more than 20 transformative initiatives at multiple organizations. Initiatives included large and small restructurings, location closures, technology installations, process improvement changes, leadership transitions, culture enhancement, acquisitions and divestitures, human resources-oriented changes impacting titles, pay and performance systems, and creation of a new company. Results included successful transformations, lower costs, and improved individual and organizational performance. Throughout this work, Teresa effectively partnered with senior leaders, human resources and organizational influencers to drive desired change.


Strategic planning, business leadership and execution:
Between 2003 and 2017, Teresa designed seven business cases-for-change, using data to determine strategic direction and create compelling vision. She has partnered to create, communicate and instill business strategy, vision and values, and she has led establishment of business metrics used for tracking company’s key goals.


Reputation building:
Teresa’s work in reputation enhancement runs the gamut from messaging development for Husker athletic director changes to creating a comprehensive perception improvement strategy for packaged foods to aligning senior leaders on visible and controversial policy positions. Teresa led the 2009 rebranding of ConAgra Foods, including development of first-ever brand essence and deployment of new company brand, including design and execution of cultural shift toward food, rebranding of all company identity elements including 89 facilities and all digital embassies. She also led the creation of name and identity for Ardent Mills.

Public relations and issues management:
Whether to proactively improve perceptions and enhance reputation or to defend and manage an emerging situation, Teresa has seasoned expertise as a lead strategist, spokesperson and coach. She has led communication and reputation work for more than 100 issues and crisis situations, including: activist investor, facility explosion, workplace deaths, criminal activity, data breaches, food and product recalls, and various litigation situations.

Communication assessments, strategy development and execution:
When you need to get more from your communication work, Teresa has the background to assess the current situation and help you redirect your resources. She has led multiple productivity enhancements of teams, including restructurings, establishment of performance metrics, and culture-boosting initiatives. Beyond the team, she has assessed approaches and materials, driving greater effectiveness and efficiency across communication efforts.

Teresa Paulsen Communication LLC is built on the 25 years of experience Teresa gathered through her work at a
$15-billion consumer goods company, a 26,000-student public university, a global business-to-business office products company, a small engineering firm, and state government. Approaches, tools and expertise can be customized for circumstances across industries and cultures.