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You can count on a customized approach, built from my deep experience leading communication inside large and small organizations, as well as from working with teams as outside counsel. Clients range from high-profile industry leaders to small non-profits, with a wide array of needs and capabilities. 

Organizational communication and change management:
This work has included large and small restructurings, location closures, technology installations, process improvement changes, leadership transitions, culture enhancement, acquisitions and divestitures, human resources-oriented changes impacting titles, pay and performance systems, and creation of a new company. Results include successful transformations, lower costs, and improved individual and organizational performance. 


Strategic planning, business leadership and execution:
Creation and communication of organizational strategy, vision and values, including business metrics to track organizations' key goals.


Reputation building, issues and crisis management and public relations:
Extensive work in perception improvement strategy, messaging development, counsel on visible and controversial policy positions, and rebranding, including brand essence development and deployment of new company identity and brands. Proactive approaches as well as defense and management of emerging situations. Seasoned expertise as a lead strategist, spokesperson and coach. Leadership of communication and reputation work for more than 100 issues and crisis situations, including: activist investor, facility explosion, workplace deaths, criminal activity, data breaches, food and product recalls, and various litigation situations.

Communication assessments, strategy development and execution:
Offering critical experience in assessing existing situations to help teams redirect resources for better results. Leadership of multiple productivity enhancements of teams and their work, including restructurings, establishment of performance metrics, competencies and culture-boosting initiatives. 

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